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  • 2GB 128-Bit DDR3
  • Core Clock 1059MHz
  • 1 x DVI-D
  • 1 x DVI-I 1 x mini HDMI
  • 384 CUDA Cores
  • Brand EVGA
    Model 02G-P4-2742-KR
    Interface PCI Express 3.0
    Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA
    GPU GeForce GT 740 Superclocked
    Core Clock 1059MHz
    CUDA Cores 384
    Effective Memory Clock 1334MHz
    Memory Size 2GB
    Memory Interface 128-Bit
    Memory Type DDR3
    3D API
    DirectX DirectX 12 (feature level 11_0)
    OpenGL OpenGL 4.4
    HDMI 1 x mini HDMI
    DVI 1 x DVI-D
    1 x DVI-I
    3D VISION Game Ready Yes
    Cooler Single Fan
    System Requirements 400 Watt or greater power supply with a minimum of 20 Amp on the +12 volt rail.
    Features NVIDIA PhysX technology

    NVIDIA SMX Engine

    NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync

    NVIDIA Surround

    Microsoft DirectX 12 API (feature level 11_0) Support

    NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready

    NVIDIA CUDA Technology

    PCI Express 3.0 Support

    OpenGL 4.4 Support

    OpenCL Support

    NVIDIA FXAA Technology

    NVIDIA TXAA Technology

    NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology
    Form Factor & Dimensions
    Card Dimensions (L x H) 6.0" x 4.4"
    Slot Width Single Slot

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    pretty nice

    Performs very well and is not overly noisy. As an entry level card into the enthusiast range of graphics cards, I don't see how one could go wrong with this.

    Great card for general computing, Photoshop etc...

    I was a little nervous about buying this card, since I started building my own systems I've always used cards with a fanless cooler, as one of my "things" is having my system as quiet as possible, which has, of course, limited me on the performance of the card. Luckily I'm not a gamer; I'm using my system for general computing, Photoshop, streaming/watching discs, but wanted to improve the graphics performance over my silent Asus card.

    I've just upgraded/rebuilt my system in an NZXT H440 , and it's SO quiet the only things I can hear are the spinners when they're seeking, so, again, I was hesitant to buy a card with a fan... I needn't have worried. The card installed under Win7 Pro without any problems, either with the hardware or the drivers, and it can't be heard!

    To give the card a bit of a work-out I transcoded an mkv file with MediaEspresso, which fully supports hardware acceleration so will use the cards CUDA cores. The conversion took just over 30 minutes; using Handbrake, which does NOT support hardware acceleration, the same mkv file took about 2hrs to convert, maxing out my Quad Core i7 the whole time! For what it's worth, the card also returns a Windows Experience score of 7.3, and runs in my Ubuntu v14.04 LTS VM without any problems.

    The card runs cool and quiet, it takes up two slots but it's not a "brick" that needs additional support, it does need to be powered from your PSU, and includes a 6 Pin/Double Molex adapter. For what I do, and for less than $300, I would recommend this card.

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